Application and characteristics of automatic fruit and vegetable production line preheating and enzyme killing machine

November 24, 2022

Preheating the enzyme dehydrator, enzymatic Browning has a negative effect on the appearance, nutritional value and flavor of the juice, but it may denature, or inactivate the enzyme when the PH of the enzyme changes or the temperature increases. This equipment is used for heating and inactivating enzymes of crushed materials to prevent oxidation, tissue softening and pasteurization. It is an important link that affects the organizational form, color and viscosity of final materials in the pre-treatment stage of fruits and vegetables

Features of preheating and extinguishing enzyme machine
1. Tubular juice preheater, simple structure
2. Outlet temperature 55-95 degrees, can be adjusted according to the specific process requirements
3. According to the material characteristics or processing requirements, the heating medium can be direct steam heating or hot water circulation heating
4. PID control system, high degree of automation
5 Material contact with high quality stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards