how to use brush washing machine for fruit processing

December 13, 2022
Latest company news about how to use brush washing machine for fruit processing

How to use:


1, put away the drain pipe, confirm the power socket reliable grounding, insert the power plug into the power socket, and then place the washing materials, open the cover, will be washed vegetables, fruits and so on into the washing basket (such as leek to manual sorting, remove dry leaves, yellow leaves, such as oilseed oil to separate the leaves into the washing basket) so as to achieve better washing effect; If the vegetables are long, they should be cut and washed.


2, the reference weight of washing: the maximum washing capacity of the washing basket of the washing machine is 8 liters, the maximum weight of the corresponding washing of large-leaf vegetables (such as auriculae, rape, etc.) is 0.5 kg; The maximum washing weight of root, stem vegetables, fruits and seafood is 1.5kg. 3. Add water: add the appropriate height of water in the washing bucket.


4, close the top cover, before starting the machine, please close the top cover first, so as not to decompose the excessive ozone overflow to stimulate your smell.


5, time setting reference: rotate the timer to adjust the cleaning time, 1 to 15 minutes adjustable, cleaning, disinfection appearance no obvious residue or not dirty fruits and vegetables, two cleaning; Wash for about 3 minutes at a time.