introduction of conveying lifting in proicess of fruit processing

December 8, 2022
Latest company news about introduction of conveying lifting in proicess of fruit processing

conveying lifting can be slightly inclined to transport materials, there will be no * phenomenon. Diameter from 100mm to 1250mm, a total of 12 kinds of specifications, divided into single drive and double drive two forms, single drive screw machine large length up to 40m(oversize 0m), double drive screw machine adopts middle break shaft structure, large length up to 80m(oversize 60m), screw length per 0.5m first gear, can be selected according to needs, The head bearing and tail bearing of the screw machine are placed outside the housing to reduce the intrusion of dust on the bearing chamber and improve the service life of the key parts of the screw machine. The intermediate lifting bearing adopts two interchangeable structures of rolling and sliding, with low resistance, strong sealing and good wear resistance. The external oil cup of the lifting bearing machine is convenient for centralized refueling and lubrication. The position arrangement of inlet and outlet is flexible, and the electric outlet is added. It is widely used in various sectors of the national economy, such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal, machinery, light industry, grain and food industry