lifting for fruit and vegetable processing line

December 13, 2022
Latest company news about lifting for fruit and vegetable processing line

Instructions for the use of conveyor hoist:


1. Place the motor first to ensure that the motor is firmly fixed. The spiral shaft is parallel to the motor shaft and the two belt wheels are parallel. Triangle belt is suitable for tightness.


2. Connect the power supply to ensure that the wire is not wound and does not affect the operation of the machine.


3. Stand the machine up to ensure that it is firmly placed, without tilt, and the ground is smooth and strong.




Product Features:


1, large bearing capacity, safe and reliable.


2, good adaptability, easy installation and maintenance, long life.


3. Small volume, high speed, fast and uniform conveying.


4, the discharging end is equipped with a cleaning device, the whole machine has low noise, good adaptability, the inlet and outlet position arrangement is flexible.


5, good sealing, the shell is made of seamless steel pipe, the end of the flange is connected to each other into a whole, good rigidity.