Pasteurization machine

November 28, 2022
Latest company news about Pasteurization machine

Pasteurization machine is an important sterilization equipment in the food industry in recent years, which is widely used. In the process of the continuous development of the equipment, some technologies are also improving. There are two kinds of heating and cooling principle: compressor and water cycle. The categories of water cycle pasteurization machine on the market are mini, simple, luxury, cabinet, yogurt milk machine and so on. With the continuous development of pasteurization process, the types of pasteurization machine are also increasing.


Pasteurization machine is widely used in disinfection of beer, liquor, milk, sheep milk, camel milk and other fresh milk pasteurization and rapid circulation cooling after sterilization. The equipment adopts electric heating mode, high degree of automation, equipped with CIP cleaning, in line with GMP medical standards. This equipment can be equipped with small aseptic filling machine, glass bottle, composite bag filling machine, etc., is the ideal equipment for milk bar, small pasteurized milk manufacturers.