peeling machine for fruit and vegetable processing

November 23, 2022
Latest company news about peeling machine for fruit and vegetable processing

The peeling cleaning machine adopts food-grade belt and food-grade brush to transport and clean, and uses rotary brush with high pressure spray to clean the stains on the surface of fruits and vegetables. Roller cleaning machine according to the demand of fruit and vegetable processing market designed for round, long fruit and vegetable scrubbing and peeling work

Peeling and cleaning machine has a wide range of application:


Small to peanuts, large to winter melon, pumpkin can be cleaned, and suitable for radish, potato, sweet potato, yam, potato, ginger and other root crops; Winter melon, pumpkin, lentil, green pepper and other fruit vegetables; Pork trotters, pig feet, chicken feet and other meat products; Kudzu root, rhodiola rosea, ground ginseng and other Chinese medicinal materials and a series of products.