Concentration Jam Tomato Paste Making Machine 1.5tons Per Hour

Place of Origin china
Brand Name sss
Model Number customzied
Product Details
Item 1.5tons Per Hour Concentration Jam Tomato Paste Making Machine Input Fresh Tomato
Output Tomato Paste Capacity 1.5t/h
Product Packing Bag,bottle,can Feature Turnkey Projetc
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Concentration Jam Paste Sauce Processing Line


Concentration Jam Tomato Paste Making Machine


1.5t/H Tomato Paste Making Machine

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Product Description

1.5tons per hour concentration jam tomato paste making machine consists of tomato pretreatment unit,concentrate,packing,control system





Insulation buffer tank

Ø Capacity: 1000L

Ø 304 stainless steel material;

Ø Single-layer upper and lower cone-bottom structure;

Ø Double jacket, inner liner thickness: 3mm (304); outer thickness: 1.5mm, 304); insulation layer is made of polyurethane foam and 304 stainless steel;

Ø Stainless steel plate thickness: 3mm

Ø The outer surface adopts wire drawing board;

Ø High and low liquid level control;

Ø Conical top and cone bottom structure, including manhole, vent cap, cleaning ball, water inlet, material inlet and outlet, visual sight glass;

Ø The inlet and outlet adopt anti-foam and anti-swirl structure;

screw pump

Ø Flow: 0.5T/h

Ø Food grade rubber stator; mechanical seal with thruster

Ø Outlet flange connection;

Ø Outlet pressure 1.2MPa

Four-side sealing packaging machine

Ø Using self-priming piston type liquid high temperature metering pump, thermal insulation barrel, and the power is pneumatic.

Ø Rack part: desktop, supporting vertical lapel packaging machine, the bag maker is vertical without arc;

Ø Filling head part: Customized lengthened anti-drip filling head, and custom mesh is installed at the end of the discharge port to reduce the impact force and improve the filling and packaging speed.

Ø Silo: 30-liter volume double-layer electric heating insulation material box (U-shaped, 304 stainless steel material, with double float level gauge and pneumatic feed valve, and a discharge hole at the bottom + manual butterfly valve)

Ø The packaging machine adopts lapel bag making and roll film structure.

Ø Pneumatic sealing servo film pulling structure, sealing and film pulling are integrated.

Ø PLC intelligent programming control.

Ø The box is made of 304 stainless steel, and the contact material is made of 304 stainless steel.

Ø The maximum used film width is 320mm.

Ø Roll film diameter (whole roll): 320mm-400mm.

Ø Includes 1 set of formers.

Ø One set of code pressing device.

Ø The four-side sealing and the sealing texture are reticulated

Ø The cutter is a flower knife (serrated edge)

Ø Packaging bag forming size: 110mm *75mm

Ø Packing speed 25-40 packs/min (according to material characteristics).

Ø Filling accuracy: ±2%

Ø 1 finished product elevator.

Belt conveyor line

Ø Output: 2500 bags/h (110mm*75mm)

Ø ØThe main body is made of 304 stainless steel

Ø Conveying with food grade belt

water bath sterilizer

Ø Water bath type continuous sterilizer The water bath type sterilizer is widely used in the sterilization of small packages of fruits and vegetables, mustard, pickles, milk, bagged jelly, bagged beverages, PET bottled beverages, and other soft packaged foods, and can also be used for bagged products below 100 degrees .

Ø The water bath sterilizer is designed and manufactured with 304 stainless steel, the conveyor belt conveyor chain is made with 304 stainless steel, and the wading bearing is made of stainless steel rust-proof bearing.

Ø The whole equipment is divided into a sterilization section and a cooling section, which are designed according to the sterilization process of different products and the different specifications of the products.

Ø The temperature of the water-bath sterilizer is automatically controlled to realize the adjustment of the sterilization temperature, the cooling temperature, and the stepless frequency conversion of the sterilization speed. The parameters can be set and changed to meet the different output and sterilization time.

Ø The water-bath sterilizer sterilizes the product under pressure and constant temperature almost under relatively static motion. The sterilized product can effectively ensure the long storage time of the product.

Ø Sterilization temperature: 85-95℃ (adjustable)

Ø Sterilization time: 25-30min (adjustable)

Ø Cooling temperature: 35-40℃ (adjustable)

Ø The body adopts 304 square tube frame

Ø Adapt to 70ml PE bag

Ø Design capacity 2500 bags/h


Ø Conveying speed: 2500 bags/h (110mm*75mm)

Ø Smooth scraper baffle, water seepage structure;

Ø Made of 304 stainless steel;

Ø 304 square tube frame;

Vibrating Drainer

Ø Remove water droplets on the bag

Ø Main frame 304 material, double vibration motor

Multi-stage draining and drying unit

Ø Output: 2500 bags/h (110mm*75mm)

Ø The frame is made of rectangular square tube, and the material is 304;

Ø Using multi-section 304 stainless steel mesh belt;

Ø The top is equipped with multiple groups of fans to blow water on the surface of the nozzle bag;

Ø Material conveying method: mesh belt conveying;

Ø There is a water tray at the bottom;

Packing platform

Ø The table top and bracket are made of 304 stainless steel

Ø Height adjustable ±30mm

Ø with power delivery

Electrical control cabinet

Ø Button control;

Ø Low-voltage components adopt Omron, Schneider and other brands;

Ø dimension:800*400*1500mm


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