330ml Automatic Packing Machine 24000 Bottle Per Hour

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Brand Name sss
Model Number customzied

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Product Details
Item 330ml 24000 Bottle Per Hour Filling Line Automatic Packing Machine Input Drinking Water
Output Pet Water Capacity 24000bph
Feature Turnkey Project Product Apcking Pet Bottle
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24000 Bottle / Hour Automatic Packing Machine


330ml Automatic Packing Machine


24000bph Automatic Packaging Machine

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Product Description

330ml 24000 Bottle Per Hour Filling Line Automatic Packing Machine


330ml Automatic Packing Machine 24000 Bottle Per Hour 0


1 Pet bottle blowing machine

Ø Volume range:0.3-1.0L

Ø With oven

2 Air conveying

Ø Clamp neck type conveying,

Ø material 304,

Ø noise when the fan is working is ≤ 70 dB

Ø Bottle clamping strip: polymer semicircular structure


Three-in-one bottle washing, filling and sealing


Ø The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the main motor is an imported variable frequency motor

Ø Wash bottle with pressure gauge

Ø Applicable bottle type: Diameter: Φ60-96mm.

Ø Applicable bottle height: 180-250mm

Ø The filling range is 300-500ml (the bottle mouth is the same, the locator must be changed)

Ø Filling accuracy: ±2mm

Ø Filling principle: micro negative pressure filling

Ø Can realize CIP cleaning function

Ø The inside of the rotating head is a magnetic mechanism, and the torque can be adjusted to ensure the qualified rate of sealing.

Ø Siemens PLC, Siemens touch screen

Ø Schneider low-voltage control appliances.

Ø Capping defect rate≤0.2%

Ø The efficiency of the whole machine is more than 95%

4 Automatic cover Ø Cover organizer, cover machine
5 Spray sterilizer, cooler
  • Technical process: heating and heating—85℃ for 30 minutes—cooling for 15 minutes—pure water spray—40-45℃
  • Cold water is circulated to the front section and discharged from the water outlet of the front section after use, cooling the temperature
  • Cooling from 85℃→>40℃±5 degrees.
  • Cooling tower water is used for cooling water, and the water supply method is automatic shower water supply, and excess water overflows.
  • Material standard: the spray device, waterway and pipeline are all made of stainless steel
  • Water pump brand: Nanfang Pump Industry
  • Steam system: globe valve, filter, pressure reducing valve, regulating valve, steam trap, etc.
  • 3 sets of circulating pumps
  • The system is controlled by buttons.
6 water blower

Ø Spider hand air blade, adjustable angle,

Ø Totally enclosed structure, high-quality turbo fan, with air purification mesh cover,

Ø Power 5.5KW

7 Sleeve labeling machine

Ø The range of bottle diameter: 35-85mm

Ø Bottle height: 15-320mm

Ø Applicable bottle type: round, square

Ø Label length: 30~130 (Max)

Ø Label thickness: 0.035~0.08mm

Ø Inner diameter of paper tube: 3~10 suitable

Ø Sleeve labeling machine speed: normal running speed 0-150 bottles/min

Ø Power consumption of sleeve labeling machine: 3.5-4KW

Ø The conveyor belt is in the section where the sleeve labeling machine is located, and its power is controlled by the sleeve labeling machine

Ø When the bottle shape or size is different, the central guide column and bottle dividing screw 304 (2mm) stainless steel conveyor line need to be replaced

8 Shrinking machine  
9 Film wrapping

Ø Maximum packaging size: 600 * 400 * 350 (height) mm

Ø Heat sealing knife length: 700mm

Ø Contraction temperature: 160~250 ℃

Ø Contraction time: 0-6s

Ø Heat sealing and cutting temperature: 160~200 ℃

Ø Common bottle count per package (round or square)

Ø 4 rows 4 * 6 4 * 5 4 * 4 applicable bottle diameter Φ 40~ Φ 67mm

Ø Three rows 3 * 4 3 * 3 3 * 5 applicable bottle diameter Φ 73~ Φ 98mm

Ø 2 rows 2 * 3 2 * 4 applicable bottle diameters Φ 98~ Φ 140mm

Ø 1 row 1 * 2 applicable bottle diameter Φ 140~ Φ 300mm

10 Palletizing machine
  • Dual channel
  • Form: low level stacking type
  • Production capacity: ≥ 25 boxes/min (specifically related to the number of cartons per layer, up to 2 layers/min)

Equipment composition:

  • Carton input and sorting device
  • Lifting and stacking device
  • Pallet stacking and automatic supply device
  • Solid stack discharge device

Customer production varieties

  • Carton size (customer defined)
  • Pallet size (customer defined)


  • Carton input section
  • Carton conveying device:
  • Force the carton to be turned or transported according to the set arrangement mode to achieve the function of sorting and sorting.

Sequencing device:

  • The supply conveyor belt pushes the sorted first row of cartons into the lifting device with air cylinders, and then sequentially pushes them into the second and third columns to form a sorting layer.
  • Automatic stacking device:
  • When the cartons are formed into a group (layer) according to a certain sequence, the elevator rises on the sorting layer and moves forward to the upper part of the stacking device, and stably places them on the pallet (or the previous sorting layer) to form automatic stacking. The palletizing device relies on variable frequency motors and chains to complete its lifting, lowering, and forward (backward) movement.

Pallet part

Ø Board supply device:

  • The pallet warehouse can stack 8-10 empty pallets, and regularly supply pallets to the stacking device according to program requirements. Powered by a separate motor.

Board output device

  • When a pallet reaches the number of stacking layers, a signal is sent to push the solid stack out of the stacking section. The solid stack is transported to the designated position through the discharge conveyor belt.
  • Power supply: AC, 3-phase, 380V, 9KW, 50HZ
  • Air consumption: 500NL/MIN (air usage: 5-6kg/cm2)
11 Control cabinet
  • Siemens PLC, touch screen control
  • The low-voltage part adopts Schneider or Siemens, and the auxiliary and sensors adopt OMRON and domestic top brands.
  • Frequency converter: INVETON.
  • One batch of low-voltage components from Omron and Schneider
  • Pneumatic control of one batch of Taiwan Air TAC.
  • 1 batch of low-voltage components.



330ml Automatic Packing Machine 24000 Bottle Per Hour 1